Our Travel Kits


In 2016, we traveled to Rwanda with a nonprofit organization. There, we met and worked with an amazing NGO called Aspire Rwanda that works to help impoverished communities rise above their circumstances. Through Aspire Rwanda, we met multiple cooperatives of talented and driven women who, despite their circumstances, would rise to any occasion in order to provide for their families if they only had the opportunity to do so. By our third trip to Rwanda, we came across the Tujyembere Cooperative and learned about their sewing abilities. Even with such limited resources, their skill and ambition were incredibly moving. They owned the work, and they were proud to work. We left Rwanda completely inspired and humbled by their spirit, dreaming of ways to help employ them and share their skills with the world.


We are proud to say that our travel kit bags are made by this Tujyembere Cooperative in Kigali, Rwanda, and each bag is signed by the woman who made it. The fabrics and materials were locally sourced and selected by the women themselves, and each bag is an authentic product of Rwanda. When you purchase one of our Batch 01 Travel Kits, you are not only helping to provide economic opportunity for these women, but you are paying homage to their ambition and craftsmanship. The more travel kits we sell, the more we can continue to support these women and provide them with opportunities to uplift them out of poverty. Our hope is that you’ll enjoy the bags long after you’ve used up all the items that come inside them, and that you’ll continue to take them around the world with you. Click here to purchase a travel kit.