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Same Matter runs on the ethos that we all come from the same matter and should return to the same matter – that we are all united as brothers and sisters in humankind and one with the environment and all other sentient beings, so we should care all as such. This is a product line designed to help you live mindfully with minimal effort. Whether it be selecting from our thoughtfully crafted, all-natural and eco-friendly travel essentials, or adorning yourself with our earth-inspired and intentionally designed jewelry, handcrafted bespoke from recycled materials right here in California, we do the work so that you don’t have to. Shop guilt-free knowing that you are supporting a brand that strives to run on a zero-waste model, and gives back to a worthwhile cause in need. 1-10% of every sale is donated directly to our partnered nonprofit organization, Global Wildlife Conservation. To read more about our partnered nonprofit and the steps we’re taking toward reducing waste by, just click one of the buttons below.